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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I wanna thank everyone who made comments, left messages in my tagbox and just about everybody for their support sa amin ni Dani. Don't worry. I'll keep you posted.


Oh! We watched The Simpsons the other day. It was hella funny. Umpisa pa lang mukhang gago na si Homer. It was supposed to be PG-13 but there were a lot of kids sa sinehan at f na f nila ang pagkanta sa spider pig, spider pig does whatever a spider pig does...lalala... Actually kung may anak ako hindi ko talaga sya papanuorin ng Simpsons til 13 na sya. Besides s/he won't get the jokes about Arnold and Bush anyway. Siguro makikitawa lang sya kasi everybody's laughing but no the kid won't get the punch line. Ano naman paki ng bata dun?

love em!

Awww but the movie was too short. An hour and a half lang. And even if that wasn't my first time to watch a movie here in the states, I still can't get over kung gano kalaki ang popcorn at drinks dito. Kuya got a large popcorn and I swear to God yun ang pinakamalaking popcorn na nakita ko sa buhay ko. Haha! Malaki pa sa bucket ng KFC at yung drinks namin was a medium pero I swear to God uli that it was even bigger than a Biggie drink from Wendys. Para siya sa malaking mama! Saka here the popcorn sa movies is butter flavored lang not unlike sa Philippines na madaming variety. Oh well but who am I to complain? Hindi naman ako ang bagbayad, nakidukot lang ako.

For those na hindi pa nakakapanuod ng The Simpsons and has been a big fan (like me) ever since they were kids... Watch it! Para lang maaliw kayo. Oh and by the way click here if you wanna see how you look like as a Simpson. It's pretty cool. Check it out.


romancing perfection at 5:26:00 PM

7 comment(s):

Marckie...isipin mo ung part na lagi nio tinutukso sa akin..kapg ngbibihis ako.haha.salamat sa pagbati!=)

By Anonymous cors, at 6:05 PM  

Hi CORY! Thanks for stopping by. Kids appearing on horror shows really spook me. I don’t know if my Dakota-Fanning-phobia would last till I’m gray and old, but for now, the sight of that little girl makes me want to pull out a Dexter. Just kidding of course.

And about the IT GIRL, I might be too harsh on that one. But I’m sticking to my guns: “It Girl” should no longer apply to singer-Moms with children old enough to procreate or something. =) Okay that’s just mean. Sorry.

I wonder why I never had the *urge to watch the Simpsons. I've read mixed reviews about that movie pa naman. I guess I'll just wait for the dvds na lang. Hehehe. And yeah, ginormous talaga ang mga servings! No wonder madali silang mamatay. Okay thats just mean.

By Blogger ruff nurse-du-jour, at 9:04 PM  

@cors: wahaha! ok zip ko na lips ko! happy bday in advance agen...loves u super super!

@ruff: haha ako din i was hella freaked out din naman sa kanya sa 6th sense! haha and whats up nga wd IT GIRL noh? kaya tuloy sya nasasabihan dat her children are like monkeys jumping on the bed...n yeah watch simpsons! maganda naman sya mejo mababaw nga lang. only buy original! ^_^

By Blogger Cory, at 1:09 AM  

haha. the simpsons...eyelovit, kahit di ko pa napapanood. tuwang-tuwa ako saspider pig. sa sobrang tuwa ko, nagdownload pa ako ng mp3 ng spider pig. at message alert tone ko na yun.

good luck sa laki ng popcorn. buti di ka nalunod...=)

By Anonymous kc, at 2:55 AM  

@ kc: hnd nga pero muntik na ko malunod. haha! sus ginoo kalaki talaga to think na 2 cups of popcorn is equivalent to 1 cup of rice! no wonder they have gigantic butts! haha...

nuod ka! kulit nga ng spider pig noh...haha..real funny!

By Blogger Cory, at 3:38 AM  

Hi Cory, thanks for the kind comments, I will try to take some multi-vit na, I will need to find the right one, I have never heard ng vit na you mentioned sa blog ko galing or sa Pinas. Baka my bor. knows. Anyway, thanks sa info mo, I appreciate it. Hey, I watch the Simpsons once in a while, they are silly ano? Kakatawa...LOL. I had a fine time reading your post.

By Blogger Ana P. S., at 1:34 PM  

Buti ka pa nakapanood na.

Take care always cory!

By Blogger redlan, at 10:35 PM  

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