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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Like Glue to the Phils.

Hearing: Sa Piling Mo (watching's more like it..)
Where@: Livingroom
Whatup: Groggy and Sick

Right after my duty at PGH NICU, I went straight to the NBI Clearing Office at Carriedo, Quiapo to get my NBI Clearance which was supposedly for my US Immigration but sad to say that according to the immigration officer which my sister-in-law saw today my petition may be considered null and void since my lola, who was the one who petitioned me, has long been dead. However, there might still be some hope if the US Embassy wont be able to notice that fact and if I may still be carried by my lola. Sobrang cross my fingers talaga! Super pray and hope that everything turns out ok. Cause if not, I will be stuck here in the Philippines for as long as I get hired directly from the states…grabe! It’s good in a way cause I can work at PGH which would be a dream but I hafta weigh it out with the opportunity of earning more money… sana maging ok yung petition!!! This so tragic!!!

romancing perfection at 9:22:00 PM

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