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Friday, March 28, 2008

Guess Who's Back Bitch

Tada! I have reincarnated from the ashes like a phoenix. Ok maybe not.

I have snapped out from an unworldly blogging comatose and I've spent 3 hours of my precious time browsing through my friends' friendster accounts (how redundant) and poking my nose into their lives. Yes, I admit. I have been a very bad friend and I am clueless as to what most of them have been up to. Andaming nagtatampo! I am really so sorry lalo na sa mga kabarkada ko. The million dollar question: "Cory, anong nangyari sa'yo?"

Short answer: "Eto, naglahong parang bula st sumulpot na parang kabuti."

Long answer: "Eto nagdepres-depressan. Nawalan ng coping mechanism sa mga nangyayari sa buhay ko. Nagpaka walang kwenta. Nagpaka adik (no illegal substance included here). Naging instant single... Bumagsak sa nclex, nadepress lalo."

I guess that's the main reason why I hibernated for so long and why I lost touch with my friends. Nahiya lang ako kasi I felt such a failure. Feeling ko kasi na feeling na mga tao sa paligid ko na ang tali-talino ko pero I messed up. Na we were picture perfect ni Dani but we had to part because of the friggin distance. These past months have all been a teary blur and here I am, blogging about my not-so-graceful life in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Alleluia to that.

But thank God I'm kinda back to my old perky self again. I may have fucked up with my test, may have felt like shit before but now I'm rejuvenated and am determined not to give up. I'm not jobless and definitely not hopeless.

I have tons of things to blog about but right now I have to catch some sleep.


romancing perfection at 11:32:00 PM

11 comment(s):

Taena. Na-miss kaya kita. Ang dami ko pa namang ikukwento sa iyo.

Things may seem fucked up at times but it'll pass. I understand the withdrawal thing because I've been there so you shouldn't worry about me making tampo-tampuhan with you.

Buti ikaw kahit hindi kinaya ng pretty powers mo ang NCLEX may work ka. Akong local board passer, hirap makakuha ng work. So srsly, quits lang tayo.


By Blogger KC, at 8:17 PM  


miss u tons!

alam ko its not really healthy to feel relief kc may kadamay ka sa pagiging bum ass. but u know i kinda feel that way kc i have someone i can relate to.

how in the world were we suppose to know that life's a bitch after college?

anyway, make kwento na. miss na kita gurl.

love u!

By Blogger cory, at 12:00 AM  

wag ka na madepress!
alam ko natameme kalang or something
i'm sure u'll pass it take 2,
kaw pa ang tali talino mo, believe na believe ako sayo during our st.paul days :)
tawagan mo ako!!
i haven't gone online in like forever

By Anonymous nicole maramo-palisoc, at 2:27 AM  

Hi I wish na nanjan kamini ate Prangdo para bigyan ka ng back rub.....I'll pray for you my dear friend..carry lang lahat!!!!kaw pa!!!go!!!

By Anonymous cors, at 7:41 PM  

It's a bitch at times pero kaya mo yan...hik!!

By Blogger Terminus, at 1:08 PM  

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