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Monday, March 31, 2008

Black & Blue

Gusto ko mambugbog ng tao saka magmura. Bakit? Trip ko lang. I'll take on volunteers. lmao.

romancing perfection at 1:03:00 AM

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Guess Who's Back Bitch

Tada! I have reincarnated from the ashes like a phoenix. Ok maybe not.

I have snapped out from an unworldly blogging comatose and I've spent 3 hours of my precious time browsing through my friends' friendster accounts (how redundant) and poking my nose into their lives. Yes, I admit. I have been a very bad friend and I am clueless as to what most of them have been up to. Andaming nagtatampo! I am really so sorry lalo na sa mga kabarkada ko. The million dollar question: "Cory, anong nangyari sa'yo?"

Short answer: "Eto, naglahong parang bula st sumulpot na parang kabuti."

Long answer: "Eto nagdepres-depressan. Nawalan ng coping mechanism sa mga nangyayari sa buhay ko. Nagpaka walang kwenta. Nagpaka adik (no illegal substance included here). Naging instant single... Bumagsak sa nclex, nadepress lalo."

I guess that's the main reason why I hibernated for so long and why I lost touch with my friends. Nahiya lang ako kasi I felt such a failure. Feeling ko kasi na feeling na mga tao sa paligid ko na ang tali-talino ko pero I messed up. Na we were picture perfect ni Dani but we had to part because of the friggin distance. These past months have all been a teary blur and here I am, blogging about my not-so-graceful life in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Alleluia to that.

But thank God I'm kinda back to my old perky self again. I may have fucked up with my test, may have felt like shit before but now I'm rejuvenated and am determined not to give up. I'm not jobless and definitely not hopeless.

I have tons of things to blog about but right now I have to catch some sleep.


romancing perfection at 11:32:00 PM

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Isang Thorazine Ka Lang!

So ok, it's 1:00am and I am freezing cold. I'm wearing a hoodie and a pair of socks yet still I feel like I'm trapped in an igloo or something. I'm currently taking my break from my (ulk) review. I decided to post some gibberish here since Friendster (my usual break thing) is on maintenance.

People often ask me how my review is going and all I can say is namamaga na utak ko, I swear. Someone please paki pasakan ako ng line ng Mannitol. Sukang suka na pati ako sa mga gamot at sa mga side effects kaya please kindly hand me some Phenergan. Kaasar! Ang hirap imemorize ng mga gamot!!! Magkaka alta presyon na ata ako at kailangan ko na uminom ng Capoten. I like Pharma but sadly it doesn't like me back at itong subject na to ang lowest ko in college ( that was Junior year). I got an 84 in Pharmacology (Yes, St. Paul schools don't use 1, 2, 3...that kinda thingamajigy grading. Instead we use old school-high school grading in percentage). Not true that I flunked on most of the tests but I did miss some of the quizzes which automatically ay bagsak ako. Oh did I mention that I got suspended in college for 5 days? Long story. I'll just post about it in the future.

Moving on, I wish I had powers na I would put my hand on top a book and magically be able to memorize its contents at once. That would be sweet. That would mean that I don't need to read and reread stuff about medication for ten times. Memorizing pa naman is not my strong point. Come to think of it, I have no strong point! Just kidding. Analysis siguro (uy feeling!). haha but stupid me, I have to know which is which first before I analyze anything right?

Plus I hate studying alone. I always get motivated when I have someone with me who's doing a similar task. Albeit I admit that I'm not a studious person, when I do decide to study lagi akong may kasama. That's why I liked it in the dorm kasi alam ko na pag sa bahay ako tatamadin lang ako unlike sa there mahihiya ako sa mga classmate ko na nag-aaral tapos ako pabanjing-banjing lang or sila nagpupuyat tapos ako knock-out na. Although kadalasan nakikipagdate pa din ako kahit na maraming test at requirement at pakalat kalat sa RP. Kailangan laging masaya and may time for fun! Arriba sa lovelife! haha.

And to top it all off, mahirap mag-aral ng hindi inspired! Haay buhay!

If I get through this and I pass, I promise na I would be a better daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, citizen (pati ito kasama haha). Lord, PLEASE let me pass and I swear that I would be forever indebted... Now that's what I call bargaining!!! haha. Kaya kayo, people who are reading this, kindly be good friends and pray for me that I pass the nclex. I'm getting all jittery now.


For all those who left tags, I will get back to you after my so-called Hiatus. Till then, au revoir.

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romancing perfection at 1:05:00 AM

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

In Hiatus

Friends I just hafta take a much needed break from going online. The geek in me takes over when I'm in front of a computer that my brain goes on hyperdrive that at the end of the day I find myself too lazy to even open my NCLEX reviewer. I won't post here for a month or so but I'll still visit my favorite blogs. Don't delete me on your blogroll! haha and please pray for me on my upcoming licensure exam.

Wish me all the luck!


romancing perfection at 8:15:00 AM

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We Got Whooped

Ang mga trip nga naman ng mga Pinoy na iset na record...kung hindi sa breastfeeding eh sa kissing (well atleast hindi katulad ng mga Jap na ang trip eh couples having sex at the same time). But sad to say kasi like what my post's title says, we got our asses whooped again and this time the Hungarians made sure na malayo layo ang dapat habulin ng mga organizer ng Lovapalooza because from the previous record of 6,613 smooching couples, they distanced it to 7,451 pairs of lip-lockers this time around. Can the Filipino people save up all their saliva till next February? Pagdasal nyo lang na sana mas madaming tamabay at jologs ang pumunta sa Lovapalooza at mas maraming lalake ang magpropose next year at the said event. Oh and more bands won't hurt either.

we be whooping them asses come February

I've gone to Lovapalooza once. Twas a great memory since I went there with some friends and Dani (no we didn't kiss, I had to go back sa dorm early cause of the curfew). Fun din naman siya kaso super daming tao. Well depende naman kasi yan sa trip nyo. I bet it'll be in MOA next year since Mayor Lim made chupe all the stalls and restos in baywalk (ang KJ nya). If nasa Pinas ako baka pumunta ako but I don't think I'd be home then so I'll just watch it in the news. I'll go look for your faces na lang. lol. Go beat those Hungarians!


Info and Image from Yahoonews.


romancing perfection at 2:31:00 AM

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ate's Big Day, 1st Times and More

Since I'm in my tamad mood to study again lulubusin ko na. lol. Consecutive kasi ang mga occasion - my eldest ate's 2-day birthday celebration (twas her birthday last Aug. 31, she's 28 na!) with our house celeb last friday where I cooked spaghetti then we bought cake, the so-called Ultimate Chocolate Cake over at Raley's (na pangalan pa lang pamatay na). Yey! Tapos today ate's boyfriend treated us at Applebee's. Twas sweet of him nga. Uy first time ko dun! haha! Sorta like a Friday's, Chilli's kinda thing going on. Oh yeah and tomorrow we're going to San Leandro for a Filipino Fiesta there. 1st time again! lol.

Moving on, we went malling after para magpababa ng kinain at kasi madaming sale ngayon since malapit na ang Labor Day. Super mura! The other day nga kuya went to JC Penney tapos nakabili si kuya ng rubber shoes na Nike na $15 lang! wahaha! biruin mo yun Php660 lang! Parang Greenhills Class A price! Papasalubong daw nya kung kanino man, as if naman uuwi na. Ako napabili ako kahit na I'm trying to be super frugal since wala pa kong work. I bought a pair too kanina. Twas only 20 bucks (Php800) at super ganda pa. Not bad! Not bad talaga! Kahit pa 3rd pair of rubber shoes ko na yun dito. haha. Kasi early this year bumili din ako ng white pair (sa Rob Place pa yun) tapos ate gave me another pair na gray. Ang masasabi ko lang: a girl cannot have enough shoes and bags! Wuhoooo!

At saka magagamit ko naman yun. Bakit? Oh kasi eto na I'm trying to lose weight na talaga. Tama na ang pagpapakawala with an excuse na "I wanna try this and that," since every food here is new to my virgin Pinoy tastebuds. I swear I gained weight talaga! Sorry Lord! Taga sa bato I won't pig out anymore. Sabi nila pag bago ka sa States tataba ka talaga. Yung kabarkada ko when she went here for a vacation last June, she gained 15 lbs for her short 3 week stay. Anyway, nung bago ako dito, hala! Hindi nawawalan ng ice cream sa freezer and I super super heart ice cream! As in uber sweet tooth talaga ako kaya nga ang ending ang ice cream hindi nagtatagal ng 2 days, feeling ko kasi every meal should end with a cup of it! Kaya ayun, ubos agad! lol. Tapos kuya would buy cakes pa and I would be the one to choose pa the flavor. Tsk. But in fairness, hindi na ngayon! I have control na. Ang ice cream nagtatagal na ng 2 weeks. I also asked kuya to stop buying cakes. No more round two na din when eating for me.

But as you all know, cutting down on food will not work by itself. You hafta exercise as well to burn calories and hype your metabolism. I've been telling my ate na if I have work na that I'll enroll myself in a gym with her. Recently she transferred her membership to the newly built 24 Hour Fitness gym that's about 10 minutes away from our place. Sinama nya ko kanina since it was her 1st day. 1st time again na makapasok sa 24 Hour Fitness! lol. Oh and just so you know, that gym is like the McDonald's of health buffs, sikat madami and big. It has 370 clubs nationwide and it's the gym that sponsors The Biggest Loser show. Ang counterpart nya: sorta like Fitness First sa Pinas. And I tell you, today's a saturday and 8:30 kami ngpunta but I swear nagulat ako sa sobrang daming tao. Walang sinabi ang dami ng tao sa Fitness First sa RP! Wala sa kalahati even. Extremes talaga dito sa states, sobrang daming obese at syempre madami ding weight conscious. I liked the gym, especially the pool and the sauna!!! That I really like. I promise to enroll talaga when I have work na but in the mean time working out sa bahay will do.

Haha todo na to! Pag hindi pa ko pumayat aba ewan ko na lang.

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romancing perfection at 12:19:00 PM

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Near Death XP

I had the worst kind of headache last night. It was the meanest, most bad-ass physical pain I've experienced in my entire life. I cried again for a number of hours last night while I was talking to Dani over at ym (long story - am in no mood to divulge). I mean I didn't bawl or anything, I just sniffed a lot and blew my nose now and then plus the added stress must've caused some tension too overwhelming for me to take. Yes I know I should know better and I know I should've taken some pain meds but I was in no mood to eat either (NSAIDS are to be taken with food) and besides it was 3am by then ayoko din bangungutin (nightmares translated medically as Acute Pancreatitis).

I lay there in my bed for an hour or so thinking, pondering, musing (which all made my head hurt even more). I put all my pillows below my head (feeling ko lang may IICP ako haha) and although I wasn't vomiting nor was I losing consciousness, I really thought that hindi na ko magigising. Cerebral aneurysm ang drama nito! lol. I swear. I'm not over exaggerating. I really thought that I wouldn't be able to see the light of day anymore. I thought of how people would react to my death and how sad people who are close to me will be. I thought of my future and of Dani and of my friends and family. I couldn't think straight anymore. The pain was killing me even as I thought of demise. But I couldn't die now, I thought, I still had so many things I wanted to do with my life and besides, I had no suicidal tendencies and I can't die because of some stupid headache brought about by some heartache.

Then everything went blank.

By the time I opened my eyes, sunshine was already pouring through the window in the bedroom and the headache was gone. Thank God I'm alive, I said to myself, I'm too young to die. I got up from bed, made coffee and everything was back to normal - another study day for me. (not until I saw Willie making drama about Joey De Leon on TFC, oh but that's another story...)


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Big C for Congrats!

i Love it! Top 3 ang St. Paul University Manila with a 97% passing rate for the June 2007 nursing board exam! O ha ha say nyo dun? Batch ko yan! Galing ng Notorious 92 man! Pa-add lang na top 1 ang St Paul. University Iloilo tapos top 3 naman ang Manila Campus! Shet! woot wooooot! 2 St Paul Schools in the Top 3 roster. Heavy! Congrats batchmates! RN na! Paulinian nurses rock!


Go here for the list of names of the June 2007 Nursing Board Examination passers.


romancing perfection at 12:47:00 PM

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Confessions of a Pinoy TV Junkie

I must confess. I am in love and that seeing that person is something that I really look forward to in everyday of my oh-so-boring life. When I look up unto his face, the lights seem to dim and the music starts to play and oh, I just fall for him over and over again. I sigh at the sound of his voice and my knees tremble at the sight of his countenance. Andrew has swept me off my feet and I relish every second of it. Yes, I am in love and it feels so good...

--- (Pause and Rewind) ---

I'm in love with Andrew Amarillo (Ryan Agoncillo of Ysabella) and Andrew Angeles (Jake Cuenca of Natutulog ba ang Diyos?). And yes, I am a reformed teleserye junkie. I used to hate ate Elsa (St. Paul Manila Residence Hall aka dorm head/keeper), for not giving us any chance to watch any show other than Pangako Sa'yo, Sa Piling Mo, Krystala and the sort at night. In truth, I found it so bakya that I didn't bother to watch TV at all. Buti kung koreanovela pa yun! It's just that when I think of Pinoy telenovelas before, a very very long and dragging plot comes to mind sort of like that of Mara Clara at ang walang patumanggang pag-aagawan sa diary at locket na umabot ng ilang taon hanggang sa nagpuberty na ko.

Never in my wildest imaginations did I think that I would watch sinseryes religiously as much as I watch them now. Call it baduy, jologs or corny but I actually couldn't care less. Fact is: they're rather entertaining and the a lot of the plot's changed. They feature lighter gists now, the story line makes more sense and they finish faster sans kidnapping and the grandiosity of exploding cars and people. My love story with teleseryes started when I arrived here in California. I tuned in to TFC and GMA Pinoy TV for most of my bum states and that includes watching ABS-CBN's Prime Time Bida. What transpired between me and Maria Flordeluna was love at first sight. I was immediately hooked and so were my ate and kuya. Kuya would always ask me to wake him up just so he can watch even if he's super tired from work. And my ate - she cried with Jo when the boat carrying Leo exploded. But hey, did Maria Flor really had to die in the end? That was just too sad.

Don't get me wrong. I too watch American shows like Grey's Anatomy, House MD and Heroes and they're really great but maganda din naman ang Filipino made. Plus you get to relate with most of the stuff that they show. So if you're still not watching you better get hold of that remote and press 2 or 7. I promise, maaliw ka din as much as naaliw ako. But like everything you still hafta be selective of what you pick to watch.

My personal favorites are Natutulog ba and Diyos? and Ysabella. The former's actually a remake of a drama film (under the same title) that starred Lorna T. Watching it would make you hate Rosanna Roces to the guts and pity and admire Roxanne Guinoo so much that you would want to put her up unto a pedestal and maybe make her a saint. The love story between Jake Cuenca and Roxanne Guinoo hasn't blossomed yet so you can still catch up with what you've missed (hindi pa huli ang lahat para sumubaybay!).

The latter's an original drama/comedy script. At in all fairness super ganda sya! It's very light and fun to watch and every episode's a definite must-see. Kudos to the writers of ABS-CBN for coming up with such an original story revolving around the love for cooking. Ok din ang love triangle nila Juday, Derek Ramsey and Ryan Agoncillo. Gina Pareno's punch lines will also leave you with a lot of kabag.

If you like Papa Piolo go ahead and watch Walang Kapalit. But warning kasi I believe mejo patapos na sya. Hands down also to Jodi Sta. Maria because I stopped watching that series because of her. I wanted to stranggle her so much because she never failed to evoke anger in me whenever. Saksakan sya ng maldita I swear! And if only may Urian and ang mga teleserye, ay wagi siya no doubt!

Don't watch Kokey. Hindi sya okey. Hindi ko nga ba alam, sana hindi na lang sya naglanding sa dos. Watching him would bring you nightmares. Believe me. Kung gusto mo bangungutin, go ahead suit yourself. It's either sa mukha ni Kokey o sa kaarethan ni Ruffa Guttierez ka magigimbal.

As for Margarita, yeah I liked the promotional photo they did. I also liked the costume but other than that I couldn't find anything else to like. Sorry Wendy and Bruce.

The last Teleserye I watched at GMA was Asian Treasures. It was good at the start but all the Datu Puti, Datu Sumakwel, Datu Dumalogdog, Datu Paduhinogan and Sudama stuff was just too much (ang hirap nila bigkasin noh?). It turned out to be a flop in the end and all the traveling to Thailand, China and Mongolia couldn't quite make up for the lack-luster story. Besides it was an Indiana Jones-Lara Croft rip-off anyway.

Matanda na kayo! Bahala na kayo kung kapuso or kapamilya ang tatangkilikin nyo basta ako ang alam ko mahal ko ang dalawang Andrew! Alien?



Images and some info from Wikipedia.


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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I wanna thank everyone who made comments, left messages in my tagbox and just about everybody for their support sa amin ni Dani. Don't worry. I'll keep you posted.


Oh! We watched The Simpsons the other day. It was hella funny. Umpisa pa lang mukhang gago na si Homer. It was supposed to be PG-13 but there were a lot of kids sa sinehan at f na f nila ang pagkanta sa spider pig, spider pig does whatever a spider pig does...lalala... Actually kung may anak ako hindi ko talaga sya papanuorin ng Simpsons til 13 na sya. Besides s/he won't get the jokes about Arnold and Bush anyway. Siguro makikitawa lang sya kasi everybody's laughing but no the kid won't get the punch line. Ano naman paki ng bata dun?

love em!

Awww but the movie was too short. An hour and a half lang. And even if that wasn't my first time to watch a movie here in the states, I still can't get over kung gano kalaki ang popcorn at drinks dito. Kuya got a large popcorn and I swear to God yun ang pinakamalaking popcorn na nakita ko sa buhay ko. Haha! Malaki pa sa bucket ng KFC at yung drinks namin was a medium pero I swear to God uli that it was even bigger than a Biggie drink from Wendys. Para siya sa malaking mama! Saka here the popcorn sa movies is butter flavored lang not unlike sa Philippines na madaming variety. Oh well but who am I to complain? Hindi naman ako ang bagbayad, nakidukot lang ako.

For those na hindi pa nakakapanuod ng The Simpsons and has been a big fan (like me) ever since they were kids... Watch it! Para lang maaliw kayo. Oh and by the way click here if you wanna see how you look like as a Simpson. It's pretty cool. Check it out.


romancing perfection at 5:26:00 PM

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