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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We Got Whooped

Ang mga trip nga naman ng mga Pinoy na iset na record...kung hindi sa breastfeeding eh sa kissing (well atleast hindi katulad ng mga Jap na ang trip eh couples having sex at the same time). But sad to say kasi like what my post's title says, we got our asses whooped again and this time the Hungarians made sure na malayo layo ang dapat habulin ng mga organizer ng Lovapalooza because from the previous record of 6,613 smooching couples, they distanced it to 7,451 pairs of lip-lockers this time around. Can the Filipino people save up all their saliva till next February? Pagdasal nyo lang na sana mas madaming tamabay at jologs ang pumunta sa Lovapalooza at mas maraming lalake ang magpropose next year at the said event. Oh and more bands won't hurt either.

we be whooping them asses come February

I've gone to Lovapalooza once. Twas a great memory since I went there with some friends and Dani (no we didn't kiss, I had to go back sa dorm early cause of the curfew). Fun din naman siya kaso super daming tao. Well depende naman kasi yan sa trip nyo. I bet it'll be in MOA next year since Mayor Lim made chupe all the stalls and restos in baywalk (ang KJ nya). If nasa Pinas ako baka pumunta ako but I don't think I'd be home then so I'll just watch it in the news. I'll go look for your faces na lang. lol. Go beat those Hungarians!


Info and Image from Yahoonews.


romancing perfection at 2:31:00 AM

13 comment(s):

lalamangan yan ng Pinoy. Pramis! Sasali na ako sa next lovapalooza. haha...hanap muna ng pakner

By Anonymous ayel, at 8:20 AM  

peste naman oh! mahirap-hirap nang lamangan ang pitong libo. sus!

maghahanap nga ako ng mga sasali..excluding myself. asa ibang bansa ang ka-partnir ko. *lol*

By Anonymous kc, at 8:30 AM  

@AYEL: oo dali hanap ka na tapos hanapin ko mukha nyo sa TV! yahoo!

By Blogger Cory, at 2:00 PM  

@KC: kelan ba uuwi un? i swear to God I dreamt about you and boy balbon tapos he told u he was coming home na. nung ngmsg ka lang atsaka ko na realize na dream pala... biruin mo un napapanaginipan ko kayo! wahaha. pauwiin mo sayang din ang 1 point. talunin ang mga hungarian sausage!!!

By Blogger Cory, at 2:01 PM  

tatalunin yan ng pinoy! papatalo ba naman tayo haha!

By Blogger icka, at 10:18 PM  

@ICKA: korek! sali kayo ng lovieduds mo. :D

By Blogger Cory, at 11:37 PM  

@CORY: Not a fan of the lovapalooza though. =( When it was first held, I have no partner. On the 2nd time, hindi kami pwedeng ma-register because, hmmm, you know. Hehe. Pero thinking about that now, feel ko, it had been a burden for us to set world records na hindi naman kaya nating isustain. I mean, why not set a world record na hindi kayang mapalitan ng ibang bansa like, pinakamaraming mahirap, or, pinakamaraming call centers, for example. Hahaha. Masyado bang nega? Hahaha. Or pwede rin yung pinakamadaming novelty songs. Haha. Now, that was a good record to set! =)

In fairness cory, memorized ko pa rin ang lyrics ng Ever After!! Fave song kc yun ng ex- ko, tapos lagi pang pine-play sa mga bar. For a short time, naging national anthem yata ‘to ng mga college students and yuppies eh. Buti na lang, nalaos din. Thank god. =)
~I hate La Cucaracha too!!! Yup, its soo not amusing. I’m really not a fan of those Mexican Mariachi bands. Except dun sa sound effects ni Speedy Gonzales sa Looney Tunes. What’s more ka-imbyerna than ice trucks playing La Cucaracha? Loud La Cucaracha ringtones. Patay tayo diyan!

But yeah, ang KJ talaga ni Mayor Lim. Soon, pamumugaran ulit ng mga adik, mamamatay-tao, carnapper, serial killer at chop-chop victim yang baywalk na yan. Grrrr. Hahaha.

By Blogger ruff nurse-du-jour, at 3:53 AM  

baka sa december daw cory...busy sa MLE yun. wa kwents, di rin aabot. at baka ma-dagit na siya ng anak ni zuma. *lol*

By Blogger kc, at 11:50 AM  

Off-topic: I was emotionally crushed not only about what happened to Carl, with all his potentials and future opportunities going to drain, but moreso to his dad, who, despite what happened to his son, remained steadfast and hopeful of his son’s condition, no matter how hopeless and bleak his prognosis was. As to where Carl is now, I could only guess.

By Blogger ruff nurse-du-jour, at 5:44 AM  

never ko pa natry to join lovapalooza. haha!

pinoy papatalo? go! mag practice na ang mga interested :) hehe

By Blogger shaula0pink, at 10:35 AM  

@CORY: I have to admit that it’s flattering. Super nakaka-inflate ng ego and self-confidence. It’s really nice to feel appreciated for the things that you do. Pero cyempre feel ko kakambal na nun yung pagkakaroon ng mga taong naiinggit sa yo eh, or are unhappy with your successes. I guess the best thing that we could do is to do our jobs well, and prove them that we are indeed worthy of the commendations and opportunities that we’re given.
~As for the compliments and the advices cory, my sincerest appreciations. Thank you. =)

By Blogger ruff nurse-du-jour, at 1:22 AM  

hahaha.. with regards to this, give me 8 years bago sumali. hehehe..

wish ko lang meron nyan sa Qatar diba.hehe.

By Blogger .: jackie :., at 4:23 AM  

pesteng lovapalooza yan..jan nawala ung phone ni russell ng ramakrakang bamboo... kainis!! Nyeta...

pero pupunta pa rin kami kung meron nyan next year... LOL

By Blogger ruther, at 4:50 PM  

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