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Friday, May 25, 2007

Karma Kameleon

Hearing: 3 Libras (Perfect Circle)
Where@: dining ng gabi by the light of the lampshade...
Whatup: ang innniiiiiiit na sa amerikaaaa!!!

After watching The Weakest Link on GSN I got bored so I did my landry. Ang mahal ng laundry dito in fairness. I mean I used to stay in a dorm and rates sa Bituon sa "gilid" (collective term for the Guerrero st. stores eg Tambayan, Garahe, Pearly White...) is like 30php/kilo wash + fold. Tapos dito washer pa lang $1.50 and the dryer's another $1.25. That's almost 125 in pesos!!! Huwaw! Kamahal! Bummer pa talaga kasi you use quarters eh kulang ako ng quarters, alanganamang hayaan ko na lanag na basa yung mga damit ko and hindi ko na idryer. So what I did was I used peso coins kasi they're the same size as quarters. I inserted 6 sa washer and ta-da!!! It worked! Ok na sana eh, but when I inserted quarters and pesos sa slot for the dryer, putris! Kinain ba naman! The coins got stucked in the friggin dryer! Darn it!!! Nakarma!!! hahaha! Kala ko lulusot na!

Lesson learned? Make sure that the dryer won't eat up your coins...

romancing perfection at 9:24:00 PM

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hearing: Sugar, We're Going Down (Fall Out Boy)
Where@: dining pa din
Whatup: kakatapos ko lang magsagot ng survey from Cors

Wala lang. Namiss ko lang college bigla. When I was in HS, I even had a countdown of the days til college. Now it's over. It's so sad and so surreal. I miss my friends. I miss reviewing kahit na it used to suck. *sigh.

romancing perfection at 10:55:00 PM

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hearing: All Falls Down (Kanye West ft. Syleena)
Where@: same old
Whatup: La lng..just went online...found a new friend from merville na who's staying in San Francisco pala...sweet!

Hmmm, wala lang to. haha! Mali pala info ko na alam all along. I'm not Filipino-Chinese-Spanish-American after all. I have a lolo n lola from Hawaii (my lolo's the brother of my real Lola, the mom of my mom), and they had the family tree traced especially the Simms side of the family only to find out that it's not really American or Native American but Irish. So for the record I'm Filipino-Chinese-Spanish-Irish.

Ano naman paki mo dun diba? Exactly my point. haha!

romancing perfection at 12:05:00 AM

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Monday, May 21, 2007


Cutie Offering Rapturous Yeses

Truth hurts. Bow.

romancing perfection at 3:11:00 AM

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rock Hard

Hearing: stillness of the night, drama!
Where@: dining pa din ng apt
Whatup: praning na!

Praning na talaga! It just dawned on me na less than a month to go na lang at magtatake na ng local board exams ang mga kabatch ko sa Pinas. Heto pa't nagcomment sa friendster ko ang kabarakada kong si Tine (not that hindi ako natuwa), and according to her nga she's gonna enroll sa Kaplan, which is like the equivalent of Gapuz satin. Ika nga ng Kaplan, "Prepare with Kaplan, Pass the first time."

Aatakihin na ata ako sa puso. In less than a month RN na mga kabatch ko while ako professional bum pa din ang lamang ko lang nasa states na ko. Sosyal na bum. But should I be confident just because of that? Hell no. Putris, eh more than a month na sila ngrereview while ako ni buklat ng libro hindi ko pa nagagawa. How promising naman talaga! Naguiguilty naman talaga ako,I swear, but you know katamaran gets the better of me and I do read books during my free time (which is most of the time) it's just that it doesn't have anything to do with Nursing or the sort. Buti pa si Anabelle Rama sa Sharon nabigyan ko ng pansin eh yung mga libro ko binabahayan na ng gagamba.

And when do I intend to take the NCLEX? So August lang naman. It's as if napaka layo pa when in fact napakaka short na lang ng time para mgreview ako lalo na't I have to review all by myself. Para bang napaka sure ko eh noh? Actually, kabang kaba na nga ko at sumasakit puso ko just thinking of it. It's sooooo friggin near. Ugggh, NCLEX is killing me softly.

But the thing is, I can't live like this forever. Surely, I can't depend on my kuya and my ate to feed me, provide me shelter and buy me a thing or two when we go out. Eventually, I'd have to crawl out of the comforts of my niche and do something productive other than cleaning the house or cooking them dinner. Sooner or later, dreadfully, I'd have to study and bury my nose in my books and subsequently earn a living for myself and pitch in a bit for groceries, rent and stuff. I guess it's better than sleeping in the afternoon due to chronic boredom. But the truth is, ayaw ko pa talaga but deep inside me and right from the start I perfectly knew that the time will come when I hafta go through the pagsusunog ng kilay part just like every other nursing student reviewing for the board exams.

I've stalled enough, procrastinated enough.

It's time.

romancing perfection at 11:19:00 PM

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hearing: Buy You a Drank (T-Pain)
Where@: dining pa din
Whatup: hmm hoping that Dani got my txt

I checked out Dani's profile sa friendster and saw this recently added to his pics.

Awww...Isn't he the sweetest?! Thanks baby! I just melt.

romancing perfection at 11:02:00 PM

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Biggest Losers

Hearing: Boston by Augustana (cute ng piano tune)
Where@: same old, same old
Whatup: wala naman na late gumising as always! Happy Anniv baby! yiheeeee! Isang taon na tayo!

Kakatapos lang ng eleksyons sa Pilipinas kahapon. Sabi nga nila: "Walang natatalo sa Pilipinas, lahat nadadaya." I'm sure madami nanaman ang magrereklamo kesyo nadaya sila. Tayo lang ang may sangkatutak na kandado sa balot boxes natin yet still napaka talamak pa din ng dayaan. Only in the Philippines ika nga. Nakakastress talaga isipin. Hindi sa wala akong pag-asa sa bayan natin cause well in fact madami akong hope. I'm not also being a bad ass negative thinker. It just blatantly ticks me off. Andami nga namang swapang at walang paki alam. Diyos na ang bahala sakanila...

Anyway, so much for that. Baby, I know you're reading my blog. Happy Anniv! 14 naman uli dito eh. iLoveuSomuch. imissu...

romancing perfection at 10:58:00 AM

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Think of Julia and Dr. Martin
Hearing: One and Only by Timbaland ft. Fall Out Boy... whoooh I'm loving FOB!!!
Where@: house pa din
Whatup: it's cold for a normal spring day!

Early morning. As I was browsing through Dr. Martin's blog, I read through his posts for April 2007 as well as the comments for each and I stumbled upon a post about Julia Campbell, the US peace corps volunteer who was brutally murdered in Banaue last month.

I was already here in the states when I found out about that incident through GMA Pinoy TV to which we are tuned in everyday. Hiyang hiya kami ng mga kapatid ko. How can someone so compassionate be mercilessly slaughtered in the hands of the people she is trying to help? Tayo na ngang tinutulungan tayo pang inggrato?! I don't even know kung yung statement ng so-called killer ni Julia is telling the truth. Parang binayaran eh para maclose na yung case, para lang masabi na ginawa ng pulisya lahat ng magagawa nila. Pathetic if you come to think of it. And if my speculation is true, most talaga ng tao sa Pilipinas nababayaran na sa sobrang pagkalugmok ng bansa natin sa hirap. Malungkot pero yan ang totoo. It is the bitter reality that we have to face.

I applaud GMA kasi they care enough to show ads about political awareness like "Sa Isa Kong Boto." Ang obnoxious sa iba but I can't help but be moved everytime na napapanuod ko yun lalo na yung about sa doctor-for-the-barrio na napilitan mag nursing. Sobrang striking nun para sakin at sobrang sakit na ipagpalit mo at pagmamahal mo sa bayan mo para lamang maiahon ang pamilya mo. Parang sa gf-bf relationship yan eh, nagmahal ka pero hindi ka minahal. Pero hindi pa naman huli ang lahat meron pa din namang pag-asa. It's actually not our country's fault but of the leaders na nakaupo sa office nila't nagpapakasasa't binabawi lahat ng ginastos nila sa pangangampanya sa pamamagitan ng kaban ng bayan. Ang mga walanghiya nga naman. Bakit ba sila nagkakandarapa, gumagastos ng milyon milyon over a job na ang kita lamang ay Php35,000 kada buwan????!! Eh hindi naman nila mababawi ginastos nila kahit pa 10 taon sila nakaupo sa pwesto nila. Garapalang nagnanakaw ang mga walanghiyang trapo.

But I haven't given up believing. It is not too late and I haven't lost hope. There are still people out there who are willing to give up their personal comforts ng walang hinihinging kapalit. Thank you Julia and Dr. Martin. Sana marami pang tao ang tumulad sa inyo.


For more info visit Dr. Martin Bautista's blog as well as Julia Campbell's blog. Please also checkout PBC's documentary, Searching for Asian America, where Dr. Martin was featured.

romancing perfection at 11:30:00 AM

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I just wanted to add. Idol ko si Dr. Martin for his vision and nationalism. Pag naka ipon din ako hindi ko papabayaan ang Pilipinas. I would help alleviate its current situation as it is. Sino pa bang aasahan kundi tayo mismo, tayong kabataan lalo. I sound so idealistic but yan ang totoo. Aasahan pa ba nating ang mga pulitiko? Ang tagal tagal na nilang naka upo sa office nila. Ok pa sana if our country has saved its former glory but I am deeply saddened because it has even worsened. Dr. Martin was right to say that none of us has any right to whine and complain if we do not take part in making a difference. I might be in the states right now but I have campaigned in my own way for Dr. Martin's behalf: sa ym, sa irc, sa friends ko, and here sa blog ko. This is my way of making a difference, by supporting a good cause for the over all reform a so called kanser-strickened nation.

I am so proud of Dr. Martin. I am moved by his magnanimous courage and bravery to overcome the impossible. I am honoured to be his fellow Filipino.

Let us all be a change agent. Let us act now. It is never too late.

romancing perfection at 5:14:00 PM

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Hopes for Dr. Martin

Hearing: Chippy ska asawa nya n ngttweet tweet..haha!
Where@: dining...
Whatup: procrastinating again before cleaning the ref...

Please vote for Dr. Martin Bautista under the kapatiran party as senator. He's goddamn worth that one vote. Nuf said.

Just to give a brief info...He is a UP College of Medicine graduate (1989) and is a US-trained gastroenterologist. Recently, he came back home from the US with his wife, a pulmonologist and their 4 daughters. He states in newspaper reports that he would rather spend his time now doing something good for our country, the Philippines.

For more info visit Dr. Emer's blog which contains an interview or better yet check out Dr. Martin's blog itself.

If you still hope for a better future then I implore you to please vote for him.

Finally, here's one statement from Dr. Martin Bautista.
"But do we have a choice? There comes a point in our lives when living a good and secure and prosperous existence becomes immoral when you cast a blind eye to the terrible suffering all around us. If you truly believe in your heart that you can offer whatever blessings and talents that have been given to you but decide to back-off because of the tremendous sacrifice in loss of privacy, income, security and family time then you would not only have failed yourself but your country as well."

romancing perfection at 3:04:00 PM

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Soooo Far, Soooo Good

Hearing: Give it to Me by Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado n Justin Timbelake on MTVtres...haha!
Where@: akalain mong nasa sala ako sa apt namin sa u.s. of a. whooooh! california baby represent! damn! haha...
Whatup: biruin mong im actually 38 days na dito sa states! that's more than a month already!

Now that I'm in the states, I feel like I'm more entitled to post stuff in Tagalog. It's true that once you're in the states mas nagiging nationalistic ka and right now mas naiinis ako sa mga walangyang mga trapong pulitiko na sumisira sa Pilipinas dahil sa pangungurakot. However, now is not the time to discuss that because the main focus of this post is me and how I have been these past 38 days.

I'm good. I left the Philippines via China Airlines and arrived here sa SFO airport ng March 28 ng gabi. Sa NAIA nung umpisa ok eh sobrang accomodating ng mga tao. Nung pagpasok ko sa airport I sooooo did not know wht to do talaga saka helllllloooo naman 1st time ko kaya yun na makita ung loob ng airport. I mean sa Pilipinas kasi hindi naman pwede pumasok yung relatives kapag arrival or departure. So anyway, madaling madali talaga ako umalis ng bahay, dapat nun aalis ako ng 2pm since my flight was around 5pm pero nakaalis na ata ako ng 2:30pm dahil syempre had a lot of last minute stuff that I had to do. Yung mga tao sa airport, ay sus! nasobrahan sa pagiging warm... tipong tinatanong ko, "Sir, san po to lalagay?" ang sagot ng lolo mo, "Dito, tapos yung number mo sakanya..." haha! Not once lang nagyari yan ha, siguro mga about thrice within the 30 minutes timespan na nandun ako sa airport. Modesty aside, proven talaga na beauty has its benefits. Ang bilis magreact sa needs ko eh may nag parang mini tour pa sakin at hinatid pa ko sa booth ng mga immigrants plus I was given the most spacious seat sa plane in both my flights... haha! nakaktuwa din kasi hindi ako nahirapan as much as I expected... I had so much time left na tumunganga ako for like more than an hour waiting for my gate to open, so what I did was I texted Lea n everybody else para mag goodbye saka syempre si Dani. Mukha nga kong tanga nun kasi I was sitting in a cafe alone tapos tears were trickling down my cheeks. Damn! Parang pelikula! But you hafta give credit to me, soooobrang sad ako nun, leaving home, leaving my friends, leaving Dani, leaving the Philippines 10 days right after my graduation!!! It broke my heart that I just had to cry for the hell of it. Kahit pa may lalake dun sa next table sakin na tingin ng tingin sakin habang nage-emote ako, I just didn't care.

Fact: Hindi ko maintindihan ang mga lintik na chekwang mga flight attendant!!! Take note, english salita nila. Iba talaga accent nila and hirap na hirap talaga akong intindihin sila! Mental reminder: will not take another China Airlines flight as much as possible. Anyway, while on my so-called journey to the states, may nakilala akong lalake na soooobrang bait sakin at tinulungan ako around and kept me company for 4 hrs while waiting for my connecting flight in Taiwan to board. Sobrang thankful talaga ako sakanya kasi hanggang sa San Francisco in the airport he helped me get my stuff tas nung sinundo na ko ni ate, tinulungan nya pa rin akong ilagay yung mga gamit ko sa car. At syempre binigay nya din number ng anak nya para itxt ko daw. haha! Laughtrip... pero according to ate ganun lang daw talaga mga Pinoy dito mahilig daw talaga mag-reto...haha! Wala pa nga ko sa amerika mismo, first hand ko kaagad na experience ang pagiging hospitable ng mga Pilipino. Iba talaga...haha! Naging english translator extraordinaire din pala ako dun sa isang senior citizen saka isang parang gurl na Vietnamese do the point na they kindly asked if I could be seated beside them. Ok lang naman sakin so I agreed. Tulong na din yun and hindi ako makatanggi sa matatanda. I have a soft spot for them...

So ayun...dito naman sa bahay, mejo nakapag adapt na din ako although I did have a hard time sa umpisa especially sa oras n with sleeping. Nung mga 1st 2 weeks para akong kwago, baliktad tulog pero now naman ok na. Yung sa housework naman, steady lang kasi hindi naman mabigat talaga saka yung overall experience ko dito sa states parang sa dorm talaga the only difference is my dormmates are my kuya n ate. Fun din naman kasi mas sanay kame sa isa't isa n mas natututo ako with stuff especially with cooking. Right now, na overcome ko na din yung most of the bulk ng lungkot ko. I mean, I'm still sad deep inside pero hindi na sya tulad nung umpisa. Nung umpisa kasi lagi akong tintanong nila ate kung nalulungkot nga daw ako n dat yung stay nga namin sa states I just had to think of it as a phase, na para bang temporary lang kasi after namin magipon uuwi din naman kami. I just had to think of it na tipong nagaaral ka na when u work, u hafta go to schl everyday but instead of getting your allowance, u get to earn ur salary, which is way bigger kaya makakapagshopping ka. Ang maganda pa nyan eh ang mall sa Solano County ay nasa place namin here in Fairfield and may Outlet pa sa Vacaville! Whoooooh! I've been there n ang gaganda ng shops saka ang dami talagang in! haha...actually hindi pa ko talaga nakakapag sight seeing kasi may work sina kuya so pag weekend lang sila talaga usually free. My usual regimen is that we go to Church on Sundays then sa mall or kung san man. I've been to Mt. Carmel, Catholic Church dito saka St. Vincent sa Vallejo n also another Christian Church sa Vallejo. I basically just tag along kung san pupunta si ate. haha. ooooh! I've also been to Seafood City in Vallejo para syang grocery ng mga Pinoy. Dami ngang Pilipino dito kaya ok din. Vallejo kasi, which is around 20-30 mins from our place, is the 3rd place in the states na most populated with asians (wiki) kaya un... I've been to Daly City na din para sa christening of Jessica, my niece... anlamig dun! todo! hindi kaya ng powers ko...haha!!! dito na lang akong Fairfield...haha!

Ok din naman dito. I don't live in a city kaya sobrang peaceful saka sa states sobrang organized ng mga bagay bagay. Not unlike satin, hindi mo na kailangan pang problemahin ung mga trivial stuff. Like sa bank, pag nagbayad ka ng bills mo sobrang bilis na tipong bumili ka lang chippy sa tindahan. Ganun lang... It's cool here but it would be so much better talaga kng nandito sina Lea, Noh n all of my close friends saka syempre c Dani. But tulad ng lagi kong sinasabi, It'll come, I'm in no hurry...

As of now my plans are to first study the friggin DMV manual and pass the driving test n Lord sana please one take lang ako! Here kasi if you wanna go to certain places necessary na may car ka n syempre marunong kang magdrive kasi anlalaki ng distances ng mga lugar dito in between. Kaya payo lang talaga dapat talaga marunong magdrive bago pumuntang states!!! Good thing natuto ako before ako umalis...shift stick pa!!! haha sb ng mom ko para daw chicken lang sakin ang automatic. haha...sana nga! n syempre the dreaded NCLEX!!! baka sa august ako mgtake...ate charry's arriving na nga pala on the 26th, 4 na kame! haha andami na namin sa apartment.

So really so far so good. I'm cool though I'm missing a great deal back in the Philippines. Thank God for that! ^_^

romancing perfection at 9:10:00 PM

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