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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Achtung Baby, Bang Bang

Hearing: Stars are Blind by Paris Hilton
Where@: sala pa din
Whatup: oh nothing really just blogging cause I know I wouldn't have the chance to do this again for some time cause of my busy sched.

Have you seen Paris Hilton's video for her new song? I swear you hafta see what a slut/ho/tramp she is...So ok...the song has this reggae beat to it but c'mon I can't possibly like a song by a certified airhead bimbo like her. Naman! Wala lang, just ranting. Just remembered the time when my roommates and I were watching her sex scandal. She's pretty but I never really liked her. I abhor airheads to the core.

Oh yeah I'm in our living room right now and guess what? Nixon, our house help's son who's 4 years old, is playing again with his thing. His you know...his tiny bit of appendage or whatever you wanna call it. And yes I can see the full view of it cause he's just on the couch next to mine. He's even spreading his legs for the hell of it. This doesn't surprise me though cause this is like the 7th time I've seen him do it. He does it on the floor, on the sofa in the other room, on the carpet, well just about anywhere I guess. My mom was hella shocked when she saw it the first time and I assured her that according to Freud it was normal for 3-5 years old children to play with their thing. Under the Psychosexual theory, this is the genital stage. Akalain mong may explanation pala yun! haha! However, you'd definitely be shocked like my mom if you had no clue to Freud's theories and rationalizations of his preoccupation with sex.

Achtung: he's just stopped playing with his thing just now. Buti nalang walang bisita...

I can't wait to hear mass later and then be back sa dorm and hopefully get my money back. Hopefully. leg's hurting again. I've been watching all these documents pa naman about people dying cause of heart disease and stress. I just have this gut feeling that I'll be one of them. I hafta do something about all these stress and my weight.

It's almost 12 nn...hafta go!

romancing perfection at 11:56:00 PM

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dare me

Hearing: Endless, a Silent Whisper by Urbandub (my fave!)
Where@: sala sa bahay
Whatup: got a chance to blog again after a very, very long time - after remembering what my password is...haha!

First of all, I am bankrupt... my mom's not giving the same allowance as she did the previous years when I was in college because of the lawyer's fee they hafta pay so as to get our space back from the greedy politicians of dear old Pasay city...anyway that's a different story. But the thing is, I only have 100 bucks left for the whole fo next week... How the hell will I survive a week with only 100 pesos? *Sigh... eh class fund pa lang na 50 a week tas 10 pa for our xerox fund! so that's 40 pesos left for me in a week...get it...40 pesos... kasi naman...may pera naman kasi ako sa isang tao jan na saksakan ng inconsiderate... alam mo yun?! inis na inis na nga ko...why in God's name do I hafta beg just to get back money that's MINE... I feel like habol ako ng habol at mukha na kong tanga...and frankly, napapagod na ko. If only money grew on trees. 7k's no joke added by the fact that I'm bankrupt kaya nga I'm in dire need of that money. Problem is with the person na pinautang ko. Andami dami daming gastusin as in! I'm out of my wits cause I am so friggin out of fcukin money! Andaming utang sakin ng mom ko na, roughly around 20k na sya pero hindi ko masingil kasi diba nakakahiya naman saka andami na din nyang gastusin over me n my tution n the dorm n everything else... So the one person na pwde ko talaga singilin, napaka walang konsensya at ayaw akong bayaran even if I spell it out to him how much I need the money...He just doesn't get it. He's just so fcukin narrow minded. Baka naman he wants me to starve to death muna at mabaon sa utang... Maybe he just wants to see me miserble... I'm oblivious to what's running in his head but I'm still hoping that he'll be conscientious enough to give me back my money. I gave him enough time, more than 3 years para makapag ipon... I'm not mean you see. I just friggin need the money. Darn it. I hate beggin for it, sometimes naiisip ko talaga that I'm so sick n tired na that I'd rather not talk to him n just let him have the money if that's what makes him happy. He's so full of himself.

Anyway, I'm back at school n back at the dorm. Same life. Same story. What's new are my dorm mates, I got three new roomies. 1st is Hanah from Marikina who's a grad at Poveda. 2nd is Cherish, from Bataan. (Same province of Nicole, lead pussy cat for PCD) Cherish has a yellow belt for Taekwondo... (Woah! haha!) Last is Coel...(cool name huh?) which stands for Corazon and Elmer, her parents... she's a grad of St. Anthony's at Singalong which is pretty near St. Paul and St. Scho.. Ala sum it all up, they're all cool and we get along pretty well and I cannot be more relieved because I've been praying for good roomies before getting back at the dorm. Another thing that's new is we have a chef st the dorm. Figure's why our dorm fee sky rocketed from 30k to 35k... anyway, her name's Doris Crosby and I tell you, eating at the dorm has never been more exciting. I've never looked forward to meals at the dorm till recently. I so know that I'm gonna have a more difficult time now slimming down for my brother n my sister's wedding due December n January.

We had the annual acquiantance party yesterday. I met my "babies" for the said event. I had 2 gurls n a guy. Monette, Jho, n Emerson. Super ka text ko nga sila the night before. I helped them with their costumes n as expected I couldn't force Emerson to wear a costume, well, I was even lucky to convince him to go to school cause he didn't want to attend the friggin parade in the morning. Anyway he still showed up sa school. Yep I still have my knack of persuasion... I was emcee at the college team building later that afternoon at the courtyard together with Riz, Pippo n Chin. It was cool at the start pero nainis talaga ako kasi hindi nagpparticipate kung sino pa ung dpat na nagppartcipate n that's what sucks. We spent time n effort organizing stuff n preparing games tas ganun lang sila...unnerving talaga! anyway na badtrip talaga ako seriously not even the free shirt I got was able to cheer me up... anyway, pinalipas ko nalang. I was not to mop around because of that naman...

What else is up? hmm, I'm classmates again with Cai n the rest of the barkada so all's good but our section is soooo damn passive that I have a hard time reciting. Parang ang awkward kasi. *Sigh

I soooo wanna graduate already para makapag ipon na.

romancing perfection at 12:54:00 AM

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