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Saturday, September 15, 2007

In Hiatus

Friends I just hafta take a much needed break from going online. The geek in me takes over when I'm in front of a computer that my brain goes on hyperdrive that at the end of the day I find myself too lazy to even open my NCLEX reviewer. I won't post here for a month or so but I'll still visit my favorite blogs. Don't delete me on your blogroll! haha and please pray for me on my upcoming licensure exam.

Wish me all the luck!


romancing perfection at 8:15:00 AM

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We Got Whooped

Ang mga trip nga naman ng mga Pinoy na iset na record...kung hindi sa breastfeeding eh sa kissing (well atleast hindi katulad ng mga Jap na ang trip eh couples having sex at the same time). But sad to say kasi like what my post's title says, we got our asses whooped again and this time the Hungarians made sure na malayo layo ang dapat habulin ng mga organizer ng Lovapalooza because from the previous record of 6,613 smooching couples, they distanced it to 7,451 pairs of lip-lockers this time around. Can the Filipino people save up all their saliva till next February? Pagdasal nyo lang na sana mas madaming tamabay at jologs ang pumunta sa Lovapalooza at mas maraming lalake ang magpropose next year at the said event. Oh and more bands won't hurt either.

we be whooping them asses come February

I've gone to Lovapalooza once. Twas a great memory since I went there with some friends and Dani (no we didn't kiss, I had to go back sa dorm early cause of the curfew). Fun din naman siya kaso super daming tao. Well depende naman kasi yan sa trip nyo. I bet it'll be in MOA next year since Mayor Lim made chupe all the stalls and restos in baywalk (ang KJ nya). If nasa Pinas ako baka pumunta ako but I don't think I'd be home then so I'll just watch it in the news. I'll go look for your faces na lang. lol. Go beat those Hungarians!


Info and Image from Yahoonews.


romancing perfection at 2:31:00 AM

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ate's Big Day, 1st Times and More

Since I'm in my tamad mood to study again lulubusin ko na. lol. Consecutive kasi ang mga occasion - my eldest ate's 2-day birthday celebration (twas her birthday last Aug. 31, she's 28 na!) with our house celeb last friday where I cooked spaghetti then we bought cake, the so-called Ultimate Chocolate Cake over at Raley's (na pangalan pa lang pamatay na). Yey! Tapos today ate's boyfriend treated us at Applebee's. Twas sweet of him nga. Uy first time ko dun! haha! Sorta like a Friday's, Chilli's kinda thing going on. Oh yeah and tomorrow we're going to San Leandro for a Filipino Fiesta there. 1st time again! lol.

Moving on, we went malling after para magpababa ng kinain at kasi madaming sale ngayon since malapit na ang Labor Day. Super mura! The other day nga kuya went to JC Penney tapos nakabili si kuya ng rubber shoes na Nike na $15 lang! wahaha! biruin mo yun Php660 lang! Parang Greenhills Class A price! Papasalubong daw nya kung kanino man, as if naman uuwi na. Ako napabili ako kahit na I'm trying to be super frugal since wala pa kong work. I bought a pair too kanina. Twas only 20 bucks (Php800) at super ganda pa. Not bad! Not bad talaga! Kahit pa 3rd pair of rubber shoes ko na yun dito. haha. Kasi early this year bumili din ako ng white pair (sa Rob Place pa yun) tapos ate gave me another pair na gray. Ang masasabi ko lang: a girl cannot have enough shoes and bags! Wuhoooo!

At saka magagamit ko naman yun. Bakit? Oh kasi eto na I'm trying to lose weight na talaga. Tama na ang pagpapakawala with an excuse na "I wanna try this and that," since every food here is new to my virgin Pinoy tastebuds. I swear I gained weight talaga! Sorry Lord! Taga sa bato I won't pig out anymore. Sabi nila pag bago ka sa States tataba ka talaga. Yung kabarkada ko when she went here for a vacation last June, she gained 15 lbs for her short 3 week stay. Anyway, nung bago ako dito, hala! Hindi nawawalan ng ice cream sa freezer and I super super heart ice cream! As in uber sweet tooth talaga ako kaya nga ang ending ang ice cream hindi nagtatagal ng 2 days, feeling ko kasi every meal should end with a cup of it! Kaya ayun, ubos agad! lol. Tapos kuya would buy cakes pa and I would be the one to choose pa the flavor. Tsk. But in fairness, hindi na ngayon! I have control na. Ang ice cream nagtatagal na ng 2 weeks. I also asked kuya to stop buying cakes. No more round two na din when eating for me.

But as you all know, cutting down on food will not work by itself. You hafta exercise as well to burn calories and hype your metabolism. I've been telling my ate na if I have work na that I'll enroll myself in a gym with her. Recently she transferred her membership to the newly built 24 Hour Fitness gym that's about 10 minutes away from our place. Sinama nya ko kanina since it was her 1st day. 1st time again na makapasok sa 24 Hour Fitness! lol. Oh and just so you know, that gym is like the McDonald's of health buffs, sikat madami and big. It has 370 clubs nationwide and it's the gym that sponsors The Biggest Loser show. Ang counterpart nya: sorta like Fitness First sa Pinas. And I tell you, today's a saturday and 8:30 kami ngpunta but I swear nagulat ako sa sobrang daming tao. Walang sinabi ang dami ng tao sa Fitness First sa RP! Wala sa kalahati even. Extremes talaga dito sa states, sobrang daming obese at syempre madami ding weight conscious. I liked the gym, especially the pool and the sauna!!! That I really like. I promise to enroll talaga when I have work na but in the mean time working out sa bahay will do.

Haha todo na to! Pag hindi pa ko pumayat aba ewan ko na lang.

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romancing perfection at 12:19:00 PM

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