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Monday, July 30, 2007

Reading the Stars

Do you read Horoscopes? I do from time to time. Wala lang. Masaya lang siya. I can't entirely say that I believe in them pero yung mga kumakalat sa friendster na if you're a sag you're like this and if you're an aries you're like that and so and so, hmmm... Pisces kasi ako (I'm an Edsa baby) and in fairness tumpak siya sa personality ko.
PISCES - The Addict EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Energetic. Predict future. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationship. Talkative. Romantic. Caring.
Ooops! Sorry sa part that I'm a great kisser! haha! That I cannot confirm. Tanungin na lang mga nakahalikan ko. haha laswa! Pero true yung part that I can predict the future. Well, sorta. May pagka clairvoyant ako. I can sense (minsan) kung sino ang tumatawag and when I get to be called sa mga oral recitation. Weird nga! At higit sa lahat nasesense ko kung niloloko ako ng boyfriend ko. Inaaway ko yung 1st bf ko before just because I can sense that he's cheating on me even if I didn't have solid proof. Wala lang nasense ko lang bigla, which later turned out nga na he really was indeed cheating (huling huli sa cellphone!). Baka I'm just super intuitive. Saksakan din ako ng daldal and sa dorm where I stayed before (for 3 years when I was in college) hindi kami nakakapag aral masyado ng mga roommates ko (special mention again to Cors and Ate Fran) kasi puro kami kwentuhan. haha! Hyper ako, energetic, enthusiastic. Always alive and kicking. My classmates back in HS used to tell me na kapag absent ako ang tahimik daw ng classroom.

Anyway, my horoscope for today reads:

February 18 - March 19
People might become a bit argumentative when it comes to romantic issues today, dear Pisces. Your instincts might be calling for you to restrain yourself and hold back while the prevailing winds of the day are urging you to strike out onto new ground. Realize that your heart may need a bit of freedom and detachment. Your sensitive nature may be causing you to read too much into the issues at hand.
What the hell does that mean? Sinyales na ba ito mula sa maykapal? It's f*ckin messing up my head again. Yun na!


Horoscope provided by Astrocenter c/o MyMSN.

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romancing perfection at 1:03:00 AM

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Friday, July 27, 2007

3 Things

Thanks Tami for the Tag. Eto ang aking 3 Things:

Three Things That Scare Me

1. Darkness and mumu.
2. Ipis especially pag lumilipad.
3. Chucky of Child's Play and Freddy Kreuger of Nightmare on Elm Street. Ang mga dahilan kung bakit nagpapasama ako umihi nung bata pa ko. *lol

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

1. family
2. Barx
3. roomies and superfriends: special mention to Cors and Ate Fran. Yiheee!

Three Things I Love

1. ice cream!
2. feel good songs and movies
3. kissing in the rain and stuff that leads to something else thereafter.

Three Things I Hate

1. Social climbers!
2. Mga buwaya sa gobyerno
3. Okra

Three Things I Don't Understand

1. Why a lot people think being emo/rakista/rasta is synonmymous to being cool.
2. How Filipinos discriminate one another and idolize the foreign, hence colonial mentality dagdag mo pa ang crab mentality.
3. Why Starbucks is an "in thing" considering na one tall/venti is equivalent to a day's allowance and how people claim to get to study better sa loob ng starbucks when it's crowded and noisy.

Three Things On My Desk

1. My fone
2. Glass of H2O.
3. Bank of America notepad.

Three Things I Am Doing Right Now

1. Sitting
2. Waiting
3. Wishing

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Mag ganja ng 1 kilo (OA) sabay food trip ng ice cream.
2. Magpatattoo ng white tiger with green eyes sa bandang hips.
3. Have plenty of sex.

Three Things I Can Do

1. Magtule.
2. Magpaanak.
3. Magocho ocho.

Three Things I Can't Do

1. Tumbling sabay split.
2. Lick my elbow.
3. Speak Chinese.

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To

1. Pop Rock: The All-American Rejects, October Fall, Cute is What We Aim For, Powerspace, Paramore
2. Brit Rock: The Cinematics, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Artic Monkeys, Keane, The Feeling, Snow Patrol, Kasabian, Radiohead, Editors, Aqualung, Razorlight
3. Emo: Funeral For a Friend, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights, Senses Fail, The Starting Line, Death Cab for Cutie, Yellow Card, Boys Like Girls, Hellogoodbye, Saosin, Plain White T's, Angels and Airwaves

Three Things You Should Never Listen To

1. Emo (with all the shouting): Alexisonfire
2. Metal: Slapshock
3. Your mom nagging.

Three Things I Would Like To Learn

1. 3 more languages, namely: Spanish, Japanese and French.
2. Breaking (as in hiphop).
3. More web related stuff.

Three Favorite Foods

1. Pad Thai
2. Spicy Salmon Sushi
3. Almond Praline flavored ice cream.

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid

1. Bioman/Maskman/Masked Rider Black/Shaider (you name it)
2. Transformers/Voltron/Voltes V/Daimos
3. Dats Entertainment

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romancing perfection at 1:35:00 AM

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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Hate

Thanks Cors for tagging me. So eto na ang kasagutan sa mga mahihiwagang katanungan:

1. Food you hate --> Okra! Why did God make such a slimy vegetable?

2. Fruits that you hate --> Dragonfruit. Weird at walang lasa.

3. Veggies that you hate --> Okra yun lang halos lahat naman kinakain ko.

4. Celebrities or people that you hate --> Binay! Abalos ! mga arroganteng tuta! saka si yasmien kurdi kasi feeling vegan activist ng peta eh to think na she just went vegan para pumayat tapos f na f nya ang animal cruelty. asus!

5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate --> failures. saka being put in the middle.

6. TV Shows or Movies that you hate --> Asian Treasures at Impostora. Corny eh.

7. Type of Music that you hate --> Yung maingay. Hard core rock.

8. Household chore that you hate --> Plantsa and cleaning the bathroom. haha!

9. Things you hate about the world --> trapo and social climbers! colonial mentality and crab mentality.

10. Things that you hate about yourself --> na sobrang procrastinator ko.

Anyone who reads this can tag him/herself. Go ahead. Make my day.

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romancing perfection at 9:14:00 AM

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm proud of myself.

Last night when I stopped reviewing I found myself at page 208 of the thickest book I've attempted to read from cover to cover in my whole life. It's the book I'm reading for the NCLEX exam: Elsevier: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN by Linda Silvestri.

the magical book: a must read for my fellow NCLEX reviwers

It does have 1264 pages but atleast there's just about another thousand more pages to go right and roughly 57 chapters more to read. Not bad. I'm doing good with my studying but I surely can do better. Slacker pa din ako as compared to some. I'm just not the studying type kahit dati pa ako yung tipong nakikinig ng maigi sa klase at hindi nag-aaral. I would only study for big exams like midterms, periodicals and such. Pero here I am facing the biggest exam ever sa buhay ko that would either make or break my career at eto ako't nagsusumikap mag-aral. My batchmates back in the Philippines kung hindi bum eh nagwwork na mostly sa call center while waiting for the result of the local board exams. Sometimes naiinggit ako kasi sila may work na while ako still reviewing (by myself). It's as if feeling ko napag iwanan ako and sila they're having a blast and having the grandest time of their lives sa Pinas. But come to think of it, isn't that every BSN grad's dream is to go to the states and be able to work here? Well eto na ko! Walang kahirap hirap na nakarating sa Amerika. People would always tell me how lucky I am, lucky that I'm an immigrant with all its perks. Sure maswerte ako but I still think maswerte din ang mga taong nasa Pilipinas. Being here and being there has its ups and downs. It's a matter of perspective and it can be lonely here sometimes. But atleast I can already see my goal's end and just a wee bit more push would get me past the finish line. I could already taste the sweetness of victory.

Malapit na kong maging RN!


romancing perfection at 10:45:00 AM

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pressure Defined

Thanks for to everyone who voted for me last week at dahil 3rd place ako (not bad sa 1st time nomination) I'm still in the run for being CG's Filipino Blog of the Week but now for week 65 na! So go go go! Vote for me ROMANCINGVENUS Poll's at the sidebar. <<<<


Ano ang pananaw mo sa salitang pressure?

Yesterday my sister-in-law, ate Charry, just received news from the California Board of Nursing that she friggin passed the NCLEX! At first take! Mind you that there's roughly only 60+% of foreign country based grads who pass that darn test for the first time as compared sa mga dito naggraduate na 80+%. Her test stopped at no. 75 (the minimum no. of test items) at pumasa sya. Pakshet! Ang galing nyaaaaaa! I'm so happy for her. Oh she cried when she called her dad to report the good news and thanked everyone for their prayers. Ano ba naman nakakapagtaka dun? Eh hello? HS valedictorian sya. UP Cum Laude pa. Scholar pa sya sa Arellano (where she earned her BSN degree, 2nd courser sya). Hinakot na nya lahat! Duguan ang kalaban.

Then she called my mom.
Ate Charry: Mommy, nurse na po ako! (sabay singit kuya ko)
Kuya: Mommy, asawa na po ako ng nurse! (they talked for a while bago pinasa sakin)
Mommy: (to me) O ikaw mag-aral ka na. Wag kang pabigat jan nurse na si ate Charry mo. Kailangan ikaw din pumasa ka at one take. Nakakahiya sa mga kapatid mo jan...
Now I can define pressure. It's not to say that I'm not happy. Sus me! Napaka sama ko namang tao kung hindi ako matutuwa at sarili ko lang ang iisipin ko pero in all honesty napressure din ako. All eyes are on me now most epecially at tapos na ang kalbaryo ni ate Charry at pumasa na siya. Ako naman ngayon. Malapit na ang September, inaantay na ko ng NCLEX. Sana ako din pagtanggap ko ng letter it would say na I passed the test. How I wish na maiyak din ako tuwa that I could exclaim to my mom, "Mommy, nurse na ko! Whoooooh!," that I could thank my friends for their support and prayers and tell them the good news, that I could hug ate, ate Charry and kuya not because I need comfort but because I want to share with them all the happiness welling up inside me.

At yan ang rason kung bakit hindi ako nakakapagpost as often as I want sa blog ko. It's because I want to make all those things happen. It's not suffice to just dream about it and wish with all my might for it to happen. Kahit pa I have no patience whatsoever sa pag-aaral kailangan ko magsumikap. Besides things like lab Values, therapeutic diets, and how to's in telemetry reading won't and will never magically pop into my head. I am pressured. Pressure sans surrender. I'm not about to give up. Pray for me.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Of Bebeng and Her Friends

Una sa lahat gusto ko magpasalamat sa mga bumoto sakin and to take this opportunity to campaign... fellow bloggers: dear friends in real life and real friends in blog life, PLS VOTE FOR ME as FILIPINO BLOG OF THE WEEK! Poll's at the sidebar. Just click on ROMANCINGVENUS and submit. It won't take a minute off your time plus I'll be forever indebted to you. Win-win situation tayo.


Parating na si Bebeeeeeng!!!

Aba! Kahit nasa Amerika ako I'm still updated with the majority of what's happening in the Philippines. At yun na nga parating na si Bebeng the Bagyo!

One of my fondest memories nung bata pa ko ay yung mga times na bumabagyo. Ano pa nga ba ang pinagdadasal ng mga estudyante kundi masuspend ang klase. Admittedly I was one of those. We would tune in early either sa radio or sa TV (or both) hoping for a news announcement declaring that there weren't any classes. Sisilip kami sa bintana ng mga kapatid ko just to see if may baha na. Magtataklob ng kumot, babaluktot sa kama habang nagluluto ang mom ko ng champorado or arroz caldo. Heartbroken kapag narinig mo na ang busina ng school bus dahil sinyales na ng hindi pagdinig ng pagdadasal mo. What a classic. Aaaah pag bumabagyo nga naman. Twas definitely sweet for students! There was even a time na pinasok ang bahay namin ng baha and in the street the flood water was chest-high, but a kid as I was, I found it amusing. We even videotapped it (VHS pa nun). Believe it or not ang mga neighbor namin na mga foreigner, aba! May ngjjetski ba naman! May namamangka din! Akalain mo nga naman yun! Ginawa ba namang beach! You can just imagine how giddy I was as a child, the atmosphere was almost festive. Yun nga lang inis na inis ang mom ko kasi lumubog TV namin at kotse oh but I couldn't care less. It was a perfect excuse not to come to school.

champorado, arroz caldo anyone?

I've also had my fair share of paliligo sa ulan. When I was in elementary, my mom would join me and my ate sa park katabi ng bahay namin. We would take turns pushing each other sa swing and climbing up the slide. At kahit pa putik putik na kami, go lang ng go. After nun we would play tumbangpreso kahit pa napaka lakas ng ulan. Bata pa ko nun and for sure I couldn't do that anymore, baka kung anu-ano pa ang bumakat, kuya wouldn't approve not unless patakas. How I miss those days. Ang ulan nga naman, definitely a part of every Filipino's life.

Since I arrived here sa California, it has only rained once. It doesn't rain much here in the states. Sinama ko pa naman sa balibayan box ko ang paborito kong payong only to find out that nobody uses an umbrella here. I really miss rainy days in the Philippines...

Pag uwi ko maliligo ako sa ulan.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Something Something

I got tagged by Quincy! So in response here's 7 random somethings about me that most people don't know:

1. (The Classic Story behind my name) Ang buong ngalan ko ay Maria Corazon Victoria Chua de Guia. Ang haba noh? Anyway Edsa baby ako. Literally my mom was giving birth to me while my dad was out in the street rallying. So yun na nga...Maria for the shrine of Mary sa may Edsa, Corazon because of Cory Aquino and Victoria para manalo, for victory...In other words: pinaglaruan pangalan ko.

2. Nakasali na ko ng rap contest when I was in HS. I've also done singing contests pero laging 2nd or 3rd place, never champion.

3. I taught myself how to ride a bike. I learned how to when I was 14, stopped riding when I was 15 kasi nabunggo ako sa kotse. It was parked.

4. I'm 110% Pinoy in heart and spirit though I'm part Chinese, Spanish and Irish.

5. Inaasar akong Vincent, Hiei from Ghostfighter (Yuyu Hakusho), nung bata ako because I have a scar sa gitna ng forehead ko, parang 3rd eye.

6. I watch Ysabella because I think Judai and Ryan look good together.

7. and lastly, I dream to fly a kite in Luneta the next time I come home to the Philippines...

In turn I'd like to tag Cors, Eden, Kc, Zack, Fionixe, Tami, and Ayel. As part of the rule, each person I tagged has to tag another seven. Keep on blogging!

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wag Kang Magreklamo

Ewan ko ba. Is it me or do people become more aware than they really are kapag umaalis sila sa bansa? It's as if nakipagbreak ka sa boyfriend mo that you realize the worth of a person kapag wala na siya. Don't get me wrong, matagal na kong aktibista sa utak ko and matagal na kong ahemm...nationalistic to the core. However, leaving the Philippines just gave me a heavier tug sa puso ko. Something gnawing at me telling me na magsumikap ako lalo.

I read a certain essay lately written by a Korean student way back '03 when she came to the Philippines. It tackled about how Filipinos lacked love for our own country. It struck me nung sinabi nya na, "Have you cried for the Philippines?" And so I ask you this time, have you? Because I certainly have countless times. I said it sa comment ko dun and I'll say it again here. Kahit ano pang puot ang lungkot ang nadadama mo, it's just not enough to complain and beat our breasts over the current situation of our country. Na kesyo ang mahal ng mga bilihin, puro naman pangungurakot, na wala naman pagbabago... Nandun na 'ko. Pero wala kang karapatang magreklamo kung wala ka namang naitutulong and besides wala namang nakakarinig sa mga hinaing mo.
Isa ka ba sa mga nagtatapon ng basura sa kalye? Nasa tamang gulang pero hindi rehistradong bumoto sa kadahilanang ikaw lamang ang may alam o baka naman rehistrado ka nga pero tinatamad ka lang bumoto? O di kaya'y hinayaang mong mabili ang boto mo? Sumasagot ka ba sa inggles kahit na kinakausap ka sa wikang Filipino para lang magmukha kang conio? Isang dosena na ba ang anak mo at inaasa mo lang ang lahat sa pamahalaan? Nandidiri ka ba sa mga mahihirap? Dineny mo na ba kahit once na Pilipino ka? Kung oo, pwes you have no right to complain at all dahil hindi mo mahal ng sapat ang bayan mo.

joining hands to campaign

But it's never too late, you can still change. Hindi na tayo pwede umasa pa sa iba. Dapat mismo sa sarili natin, even in our own little ways, tumulong tayo. Baon na baon na sa lupa ang Pilipinas at wag na natin ibaon pa.


To read the essay, click here. Follow thru the thread and participate as well in the discussions to find out ways how you can help. Image is from Milleniumcampaign.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Just Got Nooooominated!!!

Your eyes aren't fooling you.

Yes, I've been nominated to CG's Filipino Blog of the Week!!! It's not a big time webby but I feel so honored na ma nominate. Anooo ba? Just when I posted yesterday that I'm to study seriously na for the NCLEX. But oh well karirin na natin to ule! Let me just say kung bakit ako dapat manalo. (Campaigning ba ito?)

Here's the criteria:

Pt 1. Design (The look of the blog, from header to divider to footer. Harmony among elements, including color blending) - 10 points

Pink is the new black. And harmony? Oh come on napaka ayos ng blog ko. My header rocks! There's blending. *wink wink What more can you ask for? haha...

Pt 2. Reading Enjoyment (What makes visitors to post comments and come back to check for new posts.) - 10 points

I'm 21. St. Paul Manila Nursing grad na bum na nasa Amerika na nanunuod ng Wowowee araw araw habang palipat lipat sa Eat Bulaga. It's my first time here in the states kaya marami akong 1st time experiences as well. Let me take you with me mula sa kamangyangan ko mag operate ng vacuum, anxiety attacks ko over the dreaded NCLEX hanggang sa inculturation ko with the so-called American dream.

Pt 3. Navigational Comfort (Easy to navigate. Elements are easily found. How fast does the page load?) - 10 points

My page is very clean. Everything you need nasa sidebar. It loads very fast kasi wala masyadong kalat.

Pt 4. Information-filled and overall impact (sports blog? entertainment blog? personal blog? Just get your message across.) - 10 points

It's a personal. And eto na nga I'm getting my message across. So pleeeeeaaase vote for me! Pwedeng advanced Xmas gift na to. haha.



follow thru CG's page to vote and find out more. Vote for RomancingVenus on the poll provided @ the sidebar. Much appreciated.

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Seryosohan na Talaga

[Hearing: Brighter than Sunshine. *Aqualung]
[Whatup: anong petsa na??? Tatamad tamad pa din ako! Magsumikap na!]

Nakausap ko si Lea and nanghingi na din ako ng onting motivation. I'm one month behind mula sa planned ko na time table sa pagaaral. Friends, hindi na muna ako makakapag onlyn as much as I'd like. Siguro mga 3x tops per week muna ako ngayon. I really hafta study na ng seryoso. I hafta make good sa NCLEX. Please pray for me. Pretty please.

romancing perfection at 12:30:00 AM

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Into the Bandwagon!

[Hearing: Wind It Up. *Gwen Stefani]
[Whatup: sineryoso ang blogging!]

View my Technorati Profile. Went Technorati and so much more! Ulk Wala naman laman yan. Anyway, if you browse through my sidebar you'd notice I added a lot of widgets and buttons. Naka add ako jan lahat. Like I said tinodo ko na ang ka adikan ko. So I guess it's not 74% anymore. haha! I just wanna spread the word!!! Blogging is so great... Kakalagay ko lang din ng stat counter and within 12 hours about 60+ people already visited my blog. Ang saya saya!!!

romancing perfection at 5:48:00 PM

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onga naman. confusing eh?

romancing perfection at 5:45:00 PM

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

[Hearing: Here we Are. *Gloria Estefan]
[Whatup: Independence Day todaaaaay!]

I'm 21 and at this age and point in life who would've thought that I'd be in the land of the free and the home of the brave? I never did. People here seem to be more festive than Filipinos during our own independence day. Naglalagay sila ng mga flags outside their houses. They have fireworks (though it's generally illegal). They gather and celebrate. As for me, I still don't get the perks of being an American. I am a Filipino in America the only thing that basically differs between me (an immigrant) and a citizen is primarily the right of suffrage, which I don't enjoy but who cares?! I can count with my fingers kung sino lang ang kilala kong American politician which of course includes, Bush and Arnold. Yes the terminator. As compared to who I know in the Philippines which I can assure you is too many to count and too unhealthy to think about.

Anyway, I was in San Francisco yesterday. It was fun. Went around Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, Crookedest st. (Lombard) and the Palace of Fine Arts. Touring came a little too late don't you think? But still it's all too welcome. Then went to San Mateo, got lost and came home at 12mn. Knockout ako paguwi and still exhausted pag gising ko that I wasn't able to come (as promised) with ate to Oakland with her boyfriend to watch a baseball game. Tumawag pa sya after to say na I should come sa Water something... haha di ko na gets yung name, since it's the 4th of July. I declined. Ayos lang nagdedepress-depressan naman kasi ako ngayon...

Oh yeah and unlike sa Pinas na Celsius ang gamit, here they use Fahrenheit. I didn't know about that until nung dumating ako dito and no, hindi laging malamig sa states like what I also thought. Yesterday was 99° and today's 101°. Putik ang init. You would say na mas mainit sa Pinas right? No, 89° lang jan.

P.S. my ate just got home at may dala siyang American flag. I promised na next time sasama na talaga ako sa panunod ng baseball just so I'm in the know. Kapag may boyfriend nga naman... Promise next time hindi na ko magddrama sa lungkot.

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Bloggersita Adiktus Maximus

74%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

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