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Saturday, July 22, 2006

What is Wasted?

Hearing: Leave (Get out)
Where@: san pa eh d sa comp lab nanaman!
Whatup: oh...wala naman... kakabasa ko lang ng mga pinagtestihan ni mhack...sakit ng tyan ko...saka gumawa lang ng mga testi sa mga tao ^_^

Haaaaay....friggin review... I had a really bad start today. First, I was 20 minutes late for my class. Originally, I was really going to be late for only a couple of minutes...kasi naman nakatulog ako ng straight sa sobrang pagod for the past few days cause of the friggin research thing and cause of the case study kaya after dinner last night I was really really knocked out at pagkadikit ko ng kama...ayun, tulog na...haha! I know...I know...kadiri diba? But what was I to do? My plan last night was that I'd semi study for the board and ta-da! Humihilik na ko right after dinner at hindi na ko nagising not until my roommate woke me up the morning after for breakfast. Ick with buhay biik. I was so wasted from sleep and it felt like such a drag to get up from bed and I had to super hilod at magkuskos kasi nga I failed to take a shower the night before and I really took a lot of time taking a bath... So yun na nga...I was told that Ms. Magbanua won't be around for afternoon class kaya I wanted to text my sister to inform her. Here comes a text saying I had zero balance and so I rushed palabas sa gilid to get load. Here's more...nadapa pa ko sa hagdan habang tinetext ko ate ko! Nakakahiya! Laughtrip! Good thing nobody was there to witness my fall from grace. Thank heavens! At yun ang reason kung bakit ako naging 20 minutes late... Here I come rushing in at class right? And there they were answering the 10th question for a friggin pre-test. Which they passed once I got a seat beside Lea and which I friggin failed automatically kasi nga ni isa wla akong nasagot because I'm friggin 20 minutes late!!! How in the world would I have guessed na may pre-test pala!? So while Ms. Araneta was already discussing in front I was busy mopping about, being so frustrated and all with the darn test na super dali at kaya ko i-perfect if only I had been earlier and if only hindi lang ako nadapa. Kaya nga...I vow never to be late again for all my review classes and I promise I'll make it up for that stupid test. Promise yan...and yeah...not to text while climbing up the stairs na din...haha!

The only thing that I was thankful for was that atleast hindi ako bad hair day today like I've been for the past 2 days... What is wasted talaga for me.

Right...thank God cause I can slightly feel the pressure with the board already to serve as motivation to study. 25 out of 94 or 96 Paulinians failed the recent board exam. Dropping our school to a tremendous 73% passing rate na uber baba at uber pressure on our part. Actually the class that I was pertaining to that I was late for was a review class. Normally for a senior, it's taken ng 2nd sem but for us, since they're aiming for a 100%, they made it both 1st and 2nd sem. Better to be sure than to be sorry I guess. Lotsa sacrifice for our part kasi wala naman talaga kaming saturday lang. Oh yeah...I have an RN for a sister-in-law...get that? a registered nurse. Yey! pumasa si ate Charry, the only Dator to pass in the board! yahoooooo! yayaman na kame! hahaha joke! more pressure is on me I guess... We're eating out later!!! Yipee!

Not Luk Foo I hope cause we just ate there last sunday and I'm eating there again with my friends on tuesday to celebrate Tin's (aka xtn_orange_pseat) birthday! we're getting older na talaga by the day.

I miss Jithe (armalayt), Tin (Niger), Mama Les (Mami Tubi), and Lea (Kabit)... super nakakatawa kasi mga hiritan namin lalo ng mga tungkol sa mga jologs na e-mail at mga meeting namin ng S.A.W.I. (Samahang Alone at Walang Iniibig) at W.A.G.I. (What's Ap Grupong Inlab)!!! Laughtrip! We laugh sooooo hard na naiinis na minsan classmates namin kasi nga ingay namin. Oh yeah...miss ko na din sandwich ni Mai at mga mala-Muslim na mga burloloy ni Joy at ang mga impersonation ni mama Les...

I miss other things more though... it makes me too sad to reckon.

Iyak nalang ako.

romancing perfection at 1:32:00 PM

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Monday, July 17, 2006

@ My Wits End (for the Nth time)

Hearing: people typing away
Where@: school comp. lab
Whatup: I wish there was no such thing as a case study and school requirements for that matter...

Argggh! I spent like 2 hours dito sa comp. lab and upto no avail...this requirement that Mrs. Reyes is asking us to submit is one tough cookie... damn! ang hirap nyang hanapin in fairness... plus I have my case study to worry about again... haay.

Can I just die right now?

romancing perfection at 5:03:00 PM

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